About our employer encounters:

Meet the Professionals

Our Meet the Professionals events can be provided in-house or virtually as whole year group events or as smaller workshops. Your students will hear from real working professionals about their careers journey and experiences; and have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in meaningful conversation with these professionals. This is all in alignment with the Gatsby Benchmarks (BM2, BM4 and BM5).

On your behalf, Elevate EBP will liaise with professionals from our large network of employers to ensure your event is both top-quality and highly beneficial to your students. We will also provide opportunity for both student and employer feedback, and collate this data into a summary report.


Careers Fairs

Our Careers Fairs are attended by a variety of high-quality local providers and employers which will allow your students to further explore their post-16 education and employment opportunities in alignment with the Gatsby Benchmarks (BM2, BM3 and BM7).

 Elevate EBP will arrange and facilitate this careers events on your behalf by inviting and managing the booking of all employers and providers; attending on the day to ensure a smooth delivery; collating feedback from both students and professionals to be provided to you in a summary report; and managing all post-activity administration such as 

Challenging Stereotypes

Our Challenging Stereotypes will introduce your students to professionals working in non-traditional gender roles. The aim of these events is to encourage young people to consider all opportunities made available to them.

Usually, these events are delivered in a Meet the Professionals style, however they can be adapted to suit your wants and needs.

What's Your Emergency?

Our What’s Your Emergency days are an exciting way of introducing your students to professionals from a number of different sectors. The event involves staging an emergency (such as a meteorite landing in your school’s playground) followed by a number of workshops throughout the day centred around how different professionals would respond to such an event. Professionals can include emergency service workers, first aid trainers, members of the press, construction workers, professionals working in science fields, to name a few (we can work with you to identify the types of professionals you’d like to attend)…

Got something more specific in mind?

If you have a specific vision in mind that we haven’t already mentioned above, we can work with you to create an Employer Encounter event that meets your wants and needs, contact us now to enquire.


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