As we come to the end of Trustees’ Week, it’s our pleasure to extend heartfelt thanks to our dedicated trustees and non-executive Board members. This year’s theme, “Many voices. Working together. With purpose.”, resonates deeply with us at the Education Business Partnership, where working with a variety of organisations across the Liverpool City Region to Transform Lives and Create Growth for young people makes up our mission.

At Elevate EBP, we are fortunate to have a team of nine trustees/non-executive Board members who are responsible for ensuring we deliver our vision. We support schools, colleges, teachers, partners, and funders to ensure our region’s young people realise their full potential, benefit from raised aspirations, and move into adulthood and working life feeling prepared for what lies ahead.

Our Board makes decisions that enable us to achieve this vision and empower our team to make day-to-day choices that turn it into a reality. Our trustees work together to make decisions on how our EBP is run, the services we offer, and the social impact and value we aim to create. They provide strategic direction and their passion and enthusiasm to support young people shines through in all that they do.

To our trustees at Elevate EBP thank you for your time, commitment, and enthusiasm. Your efforts are the backbone of our success, ensuring that young lives across the Liverpool City Region are reached and transformed. We couldn’t do it without you!

We also look forward to releasing our 2023 Impact Report next week, which celebrates the incredible impact of ‘many voices working together with purpose‘!

Happy Trustees’ Week.